The Best Way To Prepare For Your Next job Interview


A new year, a new beginning.

Will 2017 be the start of a new career for you?

If you are looking for more job satisfaction this year and are considering a change of career then you might want to start by brushing up on your interview skills.

Job interviews are a huge challenge for some people.

If you are to stand any chance of succeeding at your next job interview then you might want to start preparing in advance to give yourself enough time to ready to succeed.

One of the most common challenges that candidates have at a job interview is that they just can’t seem to get the right words out. Have you ever wondered why that happens? This is actually a common problem that many interviewees experience. One of the reasons this happens is due to the way we process information. What do I mean by this? Allow me to explain.

When I first started “preparing” for interviews I used to sit there and read all the potential questions that I thought were going to be asked. I then thought of the possible answers and wrote them down. I did this all mentally without verbalising them out. The problem with this method is that we think and communicate in different ways. At times we use visual communication methods and at other times we use auditory or verbal communication methods.

At an interview most of the communication we use is verbal or auditory. We are either listening or talking whereas when many people prepare for interview they use a visual communication method which is reading. Can you see the problem here? The problem is that we are using a visual communication method to prepare for an interview which is conducted mainly via auditory methods.

After I realised this important point I started practising my interviews by either reading out the possible questions and answers to myself audibly so that I could hear myself answering the questions.  I also started practising interviews with people I know who worked in the field that I was applying for. These techniques greatly improved my interviewing skills.

Out of the two methods I mentioned I would say that practising interviews with someone in the field of work you are applying for is the best method as you will be able to get extremely valuable feedback on your interview technique from someone who works in the field. If you practise for an interview by yourself how would you know if you are doing well or not? There would be no one there to give you the valuable feedback that you need to succeed.

We often take certain things for granted at an interview like body language, tone of voice, enthusiasm, important details, repeating key points etc. When you practise for you interview with someone who works in the field you are applying for or better still a job interview coach expert then you are more likely to get a feel of what it is like to be in a real interview. You will feel the emotions and pressure of being in a real interview. It will be conducted in real time.

Another benefit of conducting a practice interview is that you can practise as many times as you feel you need to, to get it right. Believe me once you practice an interview with either a person who works in the field you are applying or a job interview coach you will think to yourself why didn’t I do this earlier.

It was only after I followed this advice myself did I start to do well at job interviews and actually started landing the jobs that I went for. Try putting this advice into practise yourself and see how much it can improve your job interview skills.


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