“I took the course from Job Interviewology for an upcoming interview. It provided a formula to follow in order to improve my interviewing skills. Going into my interview, I felt well prepared for the kinds of interview questions that I would be asked and the best way to respond. This helped reduce extra anxiety and keep a clear mind, so that I could confidently articulate my qualifications and desire for the position. Thanks to a great interview, I will be starting a new job in a couple of weeks.”

Megan – Teacher 


“I normally feel quite nervous at interviews, however, this time, I felt confident and relaxed and actually enjoyed the interview! My interview went well, and your coaching helped immensely. I found it helpful in all areas especially how to sell myself and how to deal with uncomfortable questions. Thank you for your support!

Naomi – Brand Manager


“Amazing! I can’t thank Job Interviewology for what they did for me. It was the Best decision ever! Although I have the right experience for the role, I get extremely nervous, mumble and never know what to say during the interview. From the first second, I got an exceptional service, the process was smooth, tremendously enjoyable and my coach was very accommodating with dates/times for my training. I did an interview today and I confidently say that I nailed it, I felt comfortable, confident and fluent. Whether I get the job or not, is irrelevant. Job Interviewology has equipped me with fantastic skills that will last a life time.”

Eren – Senior I.T Change Manager


“This is an excellent course, with great tips for not only for job candidates. The course offers detailed, practical, creative, step-by-step methods for every stage of preparing for a job interview. Taking this course has been an excellent experience for me in learning how to methodically identify and predict questions and construct truthful, self-actualised, confident answers.”

Susan – Consultant 


“If you are a seasoned professional that wants to hone your skills or an ambitious newly grad looking to get your foot in the door, this course covers the essentials to ace that job interview. Farhan provides examples and analogies to simplify concepts. Engages with the audience by providing real life scenarios. Great Course!”

Isaak – Accountant

“The course has helped me to think critically and positively about job interviews. The delivery is clear, engaging, and well structured. I learned new skills and concepts which are valuable not only to prepare for an interview but also to prepare for the worst scenarios during and after the interview. The tips mentioned during the course are practical and applicable.”

Adam – Architect